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Decentralized BlockChain Technology

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Decentralized BlockChain

The base technology of BITSBR's Blockchain is LPoS, which allows all wallets that have more than 1000 BTBRs in their balance in a decentralized way integrated into a NODE (server), have daily income based on validating transactions on BlockChain that occur in a period between 5 and 60 seconds.

In addition to this possibility of income with BITBR in a decentralized way, there is a system integrated into the platform which allows earnings from new mined coins for any wallet with a balance greater than 1000 BTBR's in its NODE WALLET without needing to have a server (NODE).

Invest safely in Blockchain technology in a decentralized way, globally and without interference from other people, own your assets and have secure income.


To mine new coins on the BTBR It is possible to execute 2 (two) different processes.

  1. Mining in BTBR Blockchain is carried out through nodes (NODE) network validators, for using the algorithm Lease Proof of Stake - LPoS, this node must have a minimum balance of 1000 BTBR  linked to a wallet integrated with this validator server, follow the procedures for the operating system LINUX It is Windows and activate your validator node on the BITSBR network.
  2. It is also possible to mine BTBR through a NODE Wallet, which can be created for free through the platform and must have a minimum balance of 1000 Coins, allowing income in BTBR every 120 minutes (2 hours), these earnings are distributed in an automated and decentralized way based on transactions validated by mining nodes/validators on the network and can be withdrawn immediately without any type of blocking.


Project Information

  • Official Project Launch Date
    •  03/03/2023
  • Block mining time: 5 to 60 seconds
  • Earnings per block mined: 5 to 6 BTBR
  • Maximum coins that can be mined in (20 years)
    • 100.000.000
  • Total de Moedas em Circulação: 14.575.069,50


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