A BITSBR – BTBR is a new digital currency that aims to revolutionize the financial market, offering investors the opportunity to have total and decentralized control over their money and guaranteeing safe and intermediary-free returns. The currency is based on blockchain technology and uses the Waves coin LPoS protocol, which is based on Bitcoin and allows the creation of smart contracts and tokens similar to Ethereum.

A BTBR is committed to advancing not only in the financial area, but also in the development of new technologies for the future. That's why we are working on Artificial Intelligence projects (AI) to improve the security and efficiency of financial transactions on our network.

In addition, we are studying the integration of the human brain with machines, with the aim of bringing innovative solutions and projects to the market and offering new ways of interaction and control over your investments. We believe that technology can transform the financial world and we are excited to be part of that revolution.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a network of records that is maintained in a decentralized and distributed way, which guarantees the security and transparency of transactions. BITSBR will use blockchain technology to ensure investor security and privacy.

LPoS protocol

The Project uses LPoS technology (Proof of Stake Leasing), which are more efficient and secure ways to validate transactions on the blockchain. These protocols allow investors to validate BTBR transactions, receiving rewards for their participation in the network based on the balance available in their wallets integrated with us¹ validators and also allows users to lease their balances to these nodes and receive rewards for each validated block.

1 – Nodes are server-type computers that are on 24 hours a day and validate all blockchain transactions.

Safe and intermediary investment

A BTBR is a digital currency aimed at investors who wish to have total and decentralized control over their money and guarantee safe income without intermediation from any institution, company or person. With the currency, investors do not have to worry about their information or funds being blocked or lost by third parties.

A BTBR is innovative and offers investors the opportunity to have total, decentralized control over their money and guarantee safe, intermediary-free returns. With the combination of blockchain technology and established protocols, digital currency is an attractive option for investors seeking security and privacy in their investments.